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How To?

Leo waits every morning at the bathroom sink for me to turn the water on so he can drink, immobile, curled up, confident. He knows that I will come, stands up with a purr when I do, stares into my eyes, mews with a low sound that fills his throat. Once he has drunk,...

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We Are More Than We Know

We are more than we know. The presentation of my memoir, Unseen Worlds, at the Miami Book Fair was scheduled for Sunday November 18th—the Sabbath day of the Lord and the celebrated date of the Haitian Battle of Vertières. My father would always sing on that day, a...

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“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Happy!   It was the best of times, all of us singularly alive and loved, feasting in a land of immense forests, sunlit meadows, sparkling coves, sandy beaches and clean waterfalls. We were the great immortals! “I will die just once!” Victoria said to me, just...

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