So your mother, the glory of your youth, has just died. She had become just a shivering, dependent, but all-compassionate being. No soul could have been gentler. She softly shuffled through the house, an oxygen tank by her side where once her beloved husband had been; it is now thirty-eight years since she lost him, she the forceful heart who sewed and repaired every garment you wore at every ball, wanting you to be queen all through life.

But yesterday, she tripped. It was time. She took the fall silently, her spine and ribs cracking. She briefly looked up to whisper yet a few inaudible words. She then convulsed, gasped, and was dead.

Your brave heart breaks. But remember that wherever she has gone, she is never far. So she feels your breaking heart, and it resounds in her.

So she stops and asks God, “Wait…” and turns around. He stops too. She kneels, bends down towards you, and whispers words that you hear inside.

“Don’t be fooled,” she says. “How you view tragedies in human history, or your own, depends on your views on death… which means your views about life on earth… if it’s final… whether you think it is a blessing to cross the veil and to join God… find yourself in His company rather than still be caught in the bustle on earth—heating bills, bosses letting you go without insurance, car breaking down on the highway, your children lost to drugs, betrayal, prostitution—and whose company you’d rather keep, be it on earth or in heaven.”

“Come on, Mom… how about me?”

“What about you?”

“Mom… Am I not enough to keep you here? I will suffer without you.”

“It is time for you to figure it all out, and expand your mind. You and I have connected yet separate journeys. I have more business to attend to, but on the other side of death.

We are not mere soap bubbles that are blown to burst and dissipate… we are not to be born, be done, be gone.  Yes, a great Consciousness encompasses us. Yes, we are filled with some of it. But we are not ‘butterflies having a dream that we are butterflies having a dream…’ We are eternal beings traveling from eternity to earth… then from earth back to eternity… the divine plan is that for the traveling experience to work, you have to believe it is real for a time, and somewhat final. You have to fear and hurt, develop empathy, so your heart grows.”

“Oh… enough Mom! What is this? I am in Eternity’s candid camera show? Earth is a stage set? We are God’s toys put under divine scrutiny? The camera is rolling for a while and then we walk out of the set? Then it’s up to God to examine the rolls? Come on…”

She caresses your hair. You feel it somehow. All the tenderness of a lifetime of mothering you is gathered in this one gesture. “No,” she replies. “Not a game, my Love… And blasphemy does not suit you… You are better than that. What happens on earth is dead serious (she smiles…). It is divine intent. What we do is really a matter of life or death, but not of the flesh, but of the soul. You must value what you do. Value what you love. Value how you love. And choose carefully… What would be the worth of sacrifice if you did not value your life to start with. Christ’s atonement is an example for all of us. We must experience it in our own smaller way. Mortal flesh is just a passageway.”

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